We are Apparel Management Software.


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We are apparel software

InBiz is easy-to-use apparel management software. Updating your inventory by style, colours, size, has never been easier!

Designed for your industry

Specifically designed with fashion houses, clothing stores and wholesale distributors in mind. InBiz helps you manage your daily operations. It's Product Mastering at its easiest.

Work right from your web browser

No extra software required! Work directly from the web browser of your choice, and on the go (works on mobile devices too!)

En Français? Pas de problème

Swap languages with just a simple click. Work in the language in which you are most comfortable. We can supply other languages too.

Custom software, very low price

Use InBiz as-is or let us tweak it to suit your everyday needs. All this for an out-of-the-box price. Nobody does it like us!

We have very, very happy customers

Read our testimonials! We keep our customers happy by offering a top-notch product coupled with a custom service of quality.

French & English

Cloud Based

Video Tutorials

Free Updates

We can customize or extend the software for your unique business!

Customized Implementation Services

Looking to tweak our software to best fit your needs? We are happy to be able to offer you a customized implementation service. Let us work with you to help you get the most out of InBiz, for the price of an out-of-the-box solution. Contact us for a demo and quote!

Integrated eCommerce Platform and Point-of-Sales System

Plug into your currently existing online store (Magento, Shopify, or Native), or create a new one using our built-in eCommerce platform. Use the built-in Point-of-Sales system to manage purchases on-the-fly. Contact us for a demo and quote!

For the Hotel/Lodging Industry too!

Manage your bookings, calendar, Reports, and Blackouts with out our Hotel/Lodging software. Ask us how!

FREE, Comprehensive Online Training Videos

Our software comes complete with an online video training package, free of charge! Learn to use InBiz like the pros in just minutes. Contact us for a demo today.