Apparel and Footwear Management Software

InBiz is Apparel and Footwear Software


Easy-to-use Dashboards, and Immediate Reporting

Dashboards We’ve carefully crafted every single one of our dashboards in order to make InBiz easy for you to use. The information is clear, precise, and detailed. Our built-in immediate reporting options help you make decisions faster, so you have more time to take care of the things that matter most.

Got Customers?

Add Customer Adding a customer to the system is a straightforward process. Simply fill in the information you want in the Add Customer Dashboard. No more, no less. You also have the option to import a batch of customers using the .csv format.

Integrated SKU (Tag BarCode) Generation and Printing

SKU Barcodes Instantly generate barcodes for your products, right from within the application. No fuss, and no third-party applications, just a simple click of a button.

Don’t Start from Scratch

Customer Import Import your existing data using the universal .csv format. With just a simple click of a button, your current customers, vendors, billing information, and more, can be imported into our systems. No need for complicated database management; we take care of all that for you.

Product Mastering

Product Mastering Create a collection, add your styles, and instantly customize materials, colors, sizes, and more. Your inventory becomes fully searchable for every one of your locations.

Integrated eCommerce Platform and Point-of-Sales System

POS Station Create an online store or connect to your existing Magento, Shopify, or Native store, right from within the application. Use the built-in Point-of-Sales system to manage purchases on-the-fly.

Procurement Management

Procurement Management Manage your vendors, purchase orders, and receiving, right from within the software. No third-party apps required.

FREE, Comprehensive, Online Training Videos

Training Videos Our training videos are narrated and by people that learned to use the software from scratch, just like you. We go through each module, step-by-step, including examples with sample data, so that you can become familiar with InBiz in its entirety. Did we mention that these videos come FREE with the software? That’s right, no extra license fees required.